Beer and Cheese

Both made from a handful of ingredients that yield infinite delicious possibilities. Ingredients that are nurtured and aged to perfection. Flavors that complement - flavors that contrast. Flavors that play off of each other's subtle nuances. With two breweries and more than a dozen cheese factories, there are some seriously satisfying pairing options.

Our master cheesemakers and brewers are artists who pour their personal passion, attention to detail and craftsmanship into every wedge, wheel and block of cheese; every bottle and keg of beer. From their palate - to your palette, there's an art to enjoying the authentic tastes of Green County.

Some suggestions to get you started:

  • Baby Swiss with Copper Kettle Weiss
  • Limburger with Huber Bock
  • Aged Cheddar with Totally Naked
  • Fresh Cheese Curds with Lazy Mutt
  • Havarti with Spotted Cow
  • Feta with Raspberry Tart
  • Gruyere with Coffee Stout
  • Grassfed Gouda with 1845 Pils
  • Buttkerkase with Two Women
  • Brick with Moon Man
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