There's an art to it

Located amidst the rolling hills and rich pastures of Southern Wisconsin, Green County is rich in natural beauty, abundant resources and proud history. Ours is a culture that accepts nothing less than the best—a way of life where everyone aspires to the highest levels of mastery. Yes, you'll find some of America's best cheeses and the nation's second oldest brewery here—but there's much more to us than cheese and beer.

Take a look around and you'll find endless ways to enjoy pristine wilderness and outdoor activities. You'll find welcoming communities eager to show you what they're made of. And you'll quickly discover how prolific and quietly confident we are in innovation and entrepreneurship, leading the way for industrial and high tech business. We are far more focused on being productive, than being noticed.

In Green County, we believe that not unlike the creativity that feeds our handcrafted cheeses and fine beers—there's artistry to living the great life. There's a brilliance here that results from the unique combination that is our natural resources and our rich heritage—and that when it comes to life, you get out of it what you put into it. And in many ways that translates to not only the things we make, but also who we are and how we live our lives.

All of this is precisely supported by a way of life that's built on a proud Swiss heritage. Our master cheese makers are artists who pour their personal passion, attention to detail and craftsmanship into every wedge, wheel and block of cheese. Thanks to those Swiss traditions, creativity and precision are the hallmarks of everything we do. From our rich bounty of locally grown and crafted food and beer to the intricate details of trailer assembly and robotics. From the art of healthcare to the artistry of barn quilts. From the hands and hearts of our entire community of master artisans to the heart and soul of you and your family.

So when it comes to living...when it comes to experiencing life and all its rich bounty the right way, we believe there's an art to it.

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